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Pressure Free Roof Cleaning™ Never Clean Your Roof Again! Same Day Beautiful Results!

If your roof has ugly black roof stains like this one don’t worry, the professionals at A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning can safely and quickly remove them. A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning is Monmouth and Ocean Counties exclusive Shingle Shield™ applicator and has been providing quality hot water power washing and Pressure Free Roof Cleaning™ to residents of Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey since 1990.


We Pressure Free Roof Clean™ fiberglass and asphalt roof shingles to remove ugly black stains caused by algae, moss and lichens. Moss, algae and lichens can take years off the life of shingles and cause them to deteriorate prematurely. Ugly algae stains not only detract from the appearance of your home but can significantly damage your roof.


Modern roof shingles have a limestone filler in the composition of the shingle.

The algae, moss and lichens are feeding on the limestone in the roof shingle and dislodge granule’s from the shingle in the process. Power washing roof shingles causes even more granular loss and can damage the shingles.

Machines like this one are used for cleaning concrete and have a rotating spray bar underneath with power washing nozzles. This machine is actually power washing the shingles and taking off granules in the process!


roboroof Our Pressure Free Roof Cleaning ™system uses detergents and methods approved by the Asphalt Roof Manufactures Association, which thoroughly cleans the shingles without damaging them or causing granule loss. The detergents are applied using an electric pump.


The application is virtually pressure free. Moss, black algae and lichens instantly begin to disappear and lift from the shingles without any damage to the shingle.

There is no chance of property damage or damage to your landscaping. We recycle all our detergents by catching the runoff in bags , straining it and reusing it as part of our environmental responsibility program. roofbags The roof is completely free of black algae when we finish. Moss and lichens will turn white and can take up to 90 days to complete disinegrate.


We offer a 3 year conditional warranty on all roof cleaning!




Cleaning your roof prolongs its life, lowers air conditioning bills and makes you feel better about your home!




Remove those embarrassing roof stains today!