Our state-of-the-art machinery delivers quick, efficient, and eco-friendly results.

We’re homeowners, just like you. And, with over 30 years in the industry we know how important it is to deliver the highest quality results at reasonable prices. We stake our reputation on it.

That’s why at A+ Power Washing & Roof Cleaning we always invest in the latest equipment and training. When we can do our job faster, easier, and more safely, we are able to pass those savings on to you, our valued clients.

Our technique is called A+ Smart Wash™

  • We use adjustable-pressure hot-water power washers to inject eco-friendly detergents into the water stream.
  • We use specially designed nozzles and attachments that reach up to 35 feet, enabling our techs to stand on the ground instead of using ladders.
  • We are able to adjust pressure and temperatures when we work on different types of surfaces.
exterior power washing

We know what we’re doing. Our A+ Smart Wash™ is the result of 30 years of experience.

  • Our technicians go through a 54-point efficiency and customer service checklist at every job
  • We use as little detergent as possible to ensure no damage will be done to your plants, windows, and other exterior surfaces
  • We use hot water only allowing us to use lower pressure and lower water usage and still get excellent results
  • Our special attachments permit us to apply the hot water and detergents at a right angle to your exterior. Water doesn’t get behind the siding which could damage your home.

We’ve invested over $300,000 in cutting-edge systems to deliver you the Best Service Anywhere™

1. We’re Prompt and prepared

Because our equipment is customized for our unique processes, your job gets done quickly and efficiently. Our techs don’t have to stop to adjust outdated machinery.


2. We use damage-free techniques

Each of our friendly technicians has completed an intensive training program that includes 400 hours of on the job training under the supervision of an experienced mentor. We are dedicated to delivering the Best Service Anywhere™ with a focus on safety, efficiency, and quality and no damage to your property.


3. We’re Affordable!

Our dependable and efficient equipment allows us to do your job much more quickly than other companies. That translates to lower overhead and lower water usage – so we save you money!


Our custom-built equipment is the key to our success

Every power washing unit in our fleet has been customized for our unique processes.

Special attachments allow us to wash your home without the use of ladders which eliminates the potential for damaged siding or broken windows.

Dirty masonry, concrete, decking, and pavers are no match for our tailor-made rotary surface cleaner featuring a fully adjustable rotating spray bar for safe and quick results.

We can adjust the water pressure from 400 psi to 3,000 psi on our custom-made machines. And, the temperature can be adjusted up to 190 degrees with only the flick of a switch! We spend no time fooling around with machinery that is difficult to work with.

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Experience Our 3-Step Hassle-Free Experience™

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One of our personable, friendly Customer Care Specialists will schedule a convenient time to meet with you. We will listen to your needs, make recommendations and provide you with a no obligation estimate. You want a Hassle Free Experience™ and we promise to deliver it.

STEP 2 - Choose the level of clean you want and the customized level of service that fits your budget. From a basic wash to the “works” we will make your home look new again.

STEP 3 - Approve the estimate and schedule your work.
With our no risk “if you’re not happy don’t pay me” guarantee and our friendly, extremely competent certified technicians coming to your home to professionally complete your cleaning you’ll be thrilled. We guarantee it!


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