A+ Smart Wash™ Technology Makes Composite and Wood Decks Look Brand New

Your composite or wood deck is a wonderful feature of your property, but without special care and maintenance can quickly look old and dingy. Because they’re exposed to weather and the elements, most decks end up with accumulations of mold , mildew, food, grease, rust, dirt, and grime. And that’s just gross!

Our exclusive A+ Smart Wash™ system is the quickest and safest way to remove ugly accumulations on your deck and rejuvenate it so you can enjoy it year-round.

Here’s why the A+ Smart Wash™ system for composite and wood deck cleaning is superior:

  • No harsh chemicals
  • Eco-friendly detergents (safe for your family, pets, and property)
  • We use hot water power washing, which is the most efficient, effective technique available

The stunning wood deck on the right is the result of hot water power washing only! The composite deck on the right was cleaned with hot water and detergent only! No pressure!

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Your Monroe Deck Safely & Quickly Restored To Its Original Beauty

Many of our clients had tried to clean their decks before they finally called us. They invested time and effort and ended up needing professional cleaning, anyway. Here’s where the old saying, “don’t try this at home” is particularly appropriate.

Don’t let your deck become an eyesore that makes your entire home look poorly maintained. We provide fast and effective results at an affordable price. Our technicians have extensive training and are experts at safely cleaning composite and wood decks. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Monroe, NJ Deck Cleaning for Your Home 

Installing a deck is a proud moment. Think back to your first barbecue AD (After Decking). Your first garden party. You were probably proud of the work you had done, and the appearance of your brand new deck. However, if you have had your deck for a while, the appearance of unsightly marks and discoloration has probably been slow and steady. The decline of a deck is as sad to watch as it is inevitable. Even with regular maintenance, any deck is going to suffer from the weather and foot traffic. Normal wear and tear will show. You are not alone though. When you find yourself in this situation, get in touch with A+ Power Washing for the solution, and take advantage of our low-pressure deck washing service.

If you have been thinking about investing in a new deck because you think the look is too far gone, stop for a moment. How would you like to spend a fraction of the money and have similar results within one day? Our deck cleaning service in Monroe can likely restore your deck so that it looks like new.

Do not underestimate the difference a new looking deck can make to your entire home. A sparkling clean deck is more welcoming than one that shows normal signs of wear and tear. It is much more relaxing and fun to spend time around. For guests, visitors, and your family, a great-looking, clean deck will elevate the appearance of your outside spaces. It will probably have you using your outside spaces more as well, which is probably one of the reasons you had the deck installed in the first place. More and more people are using low-power wash services to improve the appearance of decks in order to raise the value of their homes and improve curb appeal.

Low-Pressure Washing Composite and Wood Decks is What We Do

An experienced company offering Monroe, NJ deck low-power washing services will use the appropriate solutions for your deck. This includes knowing which materials, and how much of the materials to use. Low-pressure washing a composite or wood deck means appreciating the type of material being worked on.

If any power wash company has told you that there are streaks that cannot be removed, get in touch with us. Rest assured that we are not all talk. Our 400 hours of training, 30 years of experience, and 54-point checklist means that we will give you the low-pressure wash deck cleaning results you want, as well as the answers you are looking for.

We have been in business since 1990, and we have the experience and expertise to tackle your deck. We can reinvigorate your Monroe home with a fresh-looking deck that will make your space much more inviting and functional. Whether you want to enjoy it alone or have a party, such as after a graduation or wedding, getting your deck into shape is vital. Do not think that low power washing a deck needs to cost you the equivalent of a family vacation. Our trained deck cleaners can make your deck look like new and do so without breaking the bank.

Our expert Monroe TWP team knows what they need to know about deck cleaning, and they will explain the process to you in as much detail as you like before sending a team to transform your outside space. To get the A+ experience and to see the results of our low-power washing deck cleaning for yourself, reach out to A+ Power Washing today.

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