Huge Convention

Brian Hegarty, Chairman of A+ Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning LLC Teaches at the Huge Convention

Brian Hegarty the founder and Chairman of A+ Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning LLC recently gave a presentation on hiring, training and retaining high quality tem members at the Huge Convention in Atlanta Georgia. The convention was attended by over 1000 industry participants and focused on cutting edge tools and techniques to improve exterior cleaning businesses nationwide.

Hegarty, a nationally recognized expert in the power washing and roof cleaning industry, has over 3 decades of experience in hiring training and retention.

His presentation centered on creating a shared vision with your team to create buy in. Hegarty said “vision + vision = division”. He went on to explain that if the owners vision and the teammates vision are not the same they will not work well together and the client experience will suffer as a result.

Once the vision has been created you’ll need to determine who it is you’re looking and where to find them. For example if you’re looking for a technician you’ll need someone physically fit, smart, and personable who’s great a client service. “Hire for personality and train them up”, he said.

Next you’ll need a hiring system that puts the applicant through numerous tests and one that can be done quickly. Most applicants are looking for work immediately and don’t want to wait a long time for an interview so the system will have to be comprehensive, quick and accurate.

So you landed the perfect candidate, now what? You’ll need a comprehensive training system. Hegartys’ is all online and has over 250 videos and tests on all types of subject matter. Training is ongoing and he even has a leadership course and budgeting course to educate and improve his team members lives according to Hegarty.

Mentoring and coaching play a big part in his training system and is the main reason A+ Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning LLC has over 1300 5 star Google review, which all talk about how great the service is.

Retention is accomplished in large part by the shared vision and activities the entire company does together. He takes everyone out to breakfast on Fridays, twice per month dinners and once a month activities like hatchet throwing, escape room, bowling and other fun things. This builds community and creates a family atmosphere he said.

With a 5 star Glassdoor rating and boasting 3 years of perfect team member attendance Hegarty seems to have found the answer to most employer’s biggest issue!