Synthetic Stucco Cleaning

If your home has synthetic stucco, you were probably told at one point that it’s “maintenance-free.” However, like all exterior surfaces, it still gets dirty and requires regular cleaning to keep it looking nice and clean.

Because of the unique construction of synthetic stucco, it is essential that the proper methods be used to clean the material to ensure moisture does not penetrate behind the material and damage the interior walls. At A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning, we use manufacturer recommended low pressure cleaning methods so you can get a clean exterior without worrying about damaging your home.

  • If you have a synthetic stucco (EIFS/Dryvit) home, you know how dirty they can get.
  • Low-pressure hot-water detergent washing using our A+ Smart Wash™ technique is approved by Synergy, the maker of the product, and is the safest and most effective method for removing the dirt and mold from a stucco exterior.
  • Not only does this mean your home looks like new again – it also protects your stucco exterior from deterioration due to mold and mildew.

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We safely clean tens of thousands of square feet of this type of siding yearly, without damaging the stucco.

Synthetic stucco must be cleaned in order to keep it from deteriorating. Mold and mildew keep the Dryvit wet and cause the material to blister and eventually rot. Low-pressure hot water detergent washing is recommended by most manufactures and installers. High-pressure washing can drive water into the wall and damage the stucco as well as the interior walls. We safely and efficiently clean tens of thousands of square feet of this type of siding yearly using hot water low pressure detergent washing.

Synthetic Stucco Cleaning at A+ Power Washing

Synthetic stucco is popular because it has many benefits, and is advantageous over traditional, cement stucco in a number of ways. Our stucco low-pressure washing services will not ruin your home’s appearance or damage the integrity of your walls.

power washing stucco before & afterHere are synthetic stucco’s characteristics and benefits:

Synthetic stucco…

  1. Is made using co-polymer resin. This means that it is a bit like paint.
  2. Uses sand or another aggregate to look like cement stucco.
  3. Is water-resistant.
  4. Is resistant to cracking.
  5. Is colorfast.
  6. Can support a variety of textures

One of the things that might be least known about stucco is that is requires cleaning. It is often described as being maintenance-free, but any hard surface needs cleaning occasionally. Synthetic stucco needs a careful touch and some patience. Enter A+ Power Washing with our hassle-free and affordable stucco low-pressure washing services, backed by our guarantee of your satisfaction.

You do not want water getting behind your synthetic stucco. You can rely on us to clean it because we are diligent, dedicated, and we understand the difference between water-resistant and waterproof. We know what techniques we can use with stucco to achieve great results without leaving unsightly streaks and dirty patches.

What About EIFS or Dryvit?

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System, a non-load bearing building cladding system. With EIFS, your exterior walls will be insulated and water-resistant, though not waterproof. The surface will be finished. Dryvit is one particular manufacturer of synthetic stucco.

Synthetic stucco provides a great service, but it is softer than traditional stucco, which means it requires extra care when cleaning it. Our stucco low-pressure washing services can keep your home looking great and feeling comfortable inside by maintaining its insulation properties.

A+ Stucco Low-Pressure Washing Services

Do not be tempted to put up with your dirty stucco because you are afraid of damaging it when you clean. Your stucco needs looking after. So, while your synthetic stucco may have been advertised as maintenance-free, that is not entirely true. We have been asked about our stucco low-power washing services way too many times to go along with that. Synthetic stucco is low maintenance compared to some other surfaces, but it does benefit from stucco cleaning to keep the exterior looking good and maintain its benefits. Appropriate low-power washing techniques are necessary for making stucco look its best.

Fortunately for homeowners and commercial property owners who have synthetic stucco, our team is highly trained and can clean all manner of materials effectively. Our team members spend 100s of hours training, so that when they see your stucco, they do not look lost. It requires care, and great technique, to clean it effectively, and those are two things that we promise to provide for you.

Our team will leave your walls so clean that you might think you have been transported in time to the first time you saw them. With the right tools, the right detergents, and the right attitude (we have all three), we can get any synthetic stucco surface looking amazing, providing same-day results worth shouting about.

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