We’re continually polishing our approach for a greener future for us all.

Environmental responsibility is core to our business. And we’re proud to uphold this every day.

Our company’s role is to clean off the natural effects of the environment on your property. We want to handle that with as little impact to the environment as possible.

Environmentalist, avid outdoorsman, and lover of the shore community, company President Brian Hegarty, was born and raised in New Jersey.

His favorite hobbies are fishing, scuba diving, swimming, horseback riding, and skiing – all of which depend on a clean and healthy environment.

Brian founded, and for 5 years, was President of the Shark River Cleanup Coalition Inc. (SRCC), which is a non-profit watershed protection organization. The SRCC protects the Shark River Bay and its tributaries from pollution.

“It’s our responsibility to do everything we possibly can for a greener tomorrow.”

Brian Hegarty

Brian Hegarty
A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning LLC Chairman

7 promises of our Environmental Responsibility Program

These efforts proudly result in a safer environment for everyone, while reducing our carbon footprint. This is all part of our heritage of responsible environmental stewardship. It feels good to know that:

1. We have reduced our emissions by half
2. We do not add more harsh chemicals to the ecosystem (nor do we harm your property with them)
3. We use only biodegradable solutions
4. We do not partake in practices that negatively affect the health and well-being of our clients and team members
5. We maximize our use of energy and expend as little as possible
6. We reuse and recycle anything we can to diminish refuse
7. These efforts reduce our costs, thereby creating savings for YOU!

6 ways we’re doing our part for the environment

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1. Utilization of hot water

Reduces detergent usage by 60%. Reduces overall water use in rinsing by 40%.

pavers cleaning ecofriendly

2. Regular tune ups and additives

Used in all power wash machines and vehicles. Increases engine efficiency to reduce overall fuel consumption by 15% annually.

ecofriendly powerwashing

3. Cutting-edge equipment

Environmentally safe technologies and cleaning materials, with regular updates to the latest efficient equipment.

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4. Anti wastage sensors

Sensors installed to turn heaters off when rinsing. Lowers diesel fuel consumption by 42% annually.

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5. No toxic or harsh chemicals

Environmentally-safe biodegradable detergents. All bulbs in our office and shop are LED (also in Brian’s home and those of his employees’).


6. Recycling

We recycle cleaning detergents, used oil and oil filters; waste at the office and at our team members’ personal homes, and more.

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