3 Sure Signs You Have Algae/ Moss or Lichen Problem On Your Roof

3 Sure Signs You Have Algae: Moss or Lichen ProblemDid you ever wonder what those ugly black streaks were on your roof?

If you are like most homeowners who call us you might have heard the streaks are from jet fuel or it’s dirt or rust. The truth is it’s a form of algae.

The algae, which is called gloeocapsa magma, can really do some damage to your shingles.  Those streaks are literally millions of individual algae and they are using the limestone filler in your shingles for food! Yes, your expensive roof has become lunch for an algae colony!

The black algae is usually the first sign that your expensive roof is in trouble. The next sign is light green spots on the shingles.

These spots are lichens. If you want to know where they come from just look at the bark on the trees around your home and you’ll find them there eating the bark too. Lichens drop off tree branches onto the shingles and join the algae at the limestone buffet line.

Dark green clumps on your roof are moss and they can really do some damage to your shingles.  They have a short root system that penetrates into the shingle to get at the limestone and can leave some pretty big divots in your roof causing leaks and broken shingles.

If you’re seeing any of the above, contact a reputable roof cleaning company immediately and save your expensive roof.

With the proper cleaning solutions, training and equipment a professional roof cleaner can clean your roof without the use of pressure and rid your roof of all these pesky shingle destroyers.

Here are some tips to help you find the right company to clean your roof

  1. Search online for “Roof Cleaning (your town)” this will probably bring up a bunch of roof companies but who should you choose? Keep reading.
  2. When searching for a reputable roof cleaning company, look for a company that answers their phone live. Larger, more established companies have more staff and usually better customer service than small companies with limited or no staff.
  3. Get an estimate in person at your home. Getting an estimate over the phone or online may seem convenient but hiring a roof cleaner is not like buying socks on Amazon. There are so many variables to roof cleaning like the pitch of the roof, amount of contamination, roof access, expensive landscaping, and many other considerations. Buying sight unseen from a company that won’t even come to your house for an estimate is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Pressure Free Roof Cleaning™ or non pressure roof cleaning is the only way to go. If you are hearing “ yeah, we go up there and power wash it off” run! Pressure will destroy your roof. Use a contractor that only uses low or no pressure and your roof will be clean and last longer.
  5. This one is really important. There are a lot of “roof cowboys” out there that will go up on your slippery roof with no fall prevention gear. Not only is this illegal it’s just plain nuts! One slip and the employee who fell off your roof will be suing you! Make sure the company you hire will be using fall prevention equipment and ask to see it before you hire them.
  6. Ask what training the employees who will be doing the work received. If they are not properly trained your landscaping can be killed, decks ruined, windows broken and they could hurt you or themselves.

As always we are here to answer any question you may have and want to help you have a great experience getting your roof cleaned. You can reach me directly at brian@apluspowerwashing.com or 732-775-1242.