COVID-19 Policy

To our valued clients,

Yes! We are open for business and providing exterior cleaning services as normal.

At this time there are no restrictions on outside work. We also want to share the steps we have taken for our clients and our team.

  • All of our administrative staff still work from home, as they have since the founding of the company.
  • Our estimators will continue to work from home but during interaction with clients we have implemented some social distancing requirements: 1). Estimators will not be shaking hands or going inside homes.2). Estimators are using recommended social distancing protocol.  Conversations regarding scope of work may be done via phone and we will continue to provide estimates and invoices via email. 3). Estimators will not handle any credit cards.  We are asking clients to read credit card information to the estimator. We will not be distributing any paperwork or other materials.
  • Our technicians will not be shaking hands and are practicing recommended social distancing. We have put backup vehicles into service to split teams into two trucks rather than travel together in one vehicle. Please pardon the appearance of these older vehicles; we assure you the equipment inside is in perfect working condition. These vehicles will still deliver the same awesome results and service as our newer vehicles.
  • We have canceled our Monday morning breakfasts for all team members, our monthly dinner meetings and our monthly extravaganzas until this issue is resolved.
  • We informed every team member if they are not feeling well or someone in their household is not well, they should remain home, and we will continue to pay them at the same rate. This eliminates any sick employees from needing to work to pay their bills.

We are complying with all recommended best practices and will continue to focus on how to continue to provide the Best Service Anywhere™ to our clients while keeping them and their families and our team members healthy and safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 732-775-1242.


Brian F. Hegarty, President