DIY vs. Professional Power Washing: Why It Pays to Go With the Experts

an A+Power Washing and Roofing Cleaning technician using a pressure washer to clean a home's exterior


DIY projects are fun, and it’s certainly understandable to pursue the satisfaction of starting and ending a project on your terms. However, sometimes it pays to call a professional, as some DIY services can be an unnecessary risk for a job that requires expertise. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to experts for any job, whether it’s professional stucco cleaning, carpet cleaning, or even just washing your car. 

Calling on a professional power washing service is a great way to ensure you get a job well done while mitigating the risks of making it a DIY activity. If your roof, patio, or any other part of your home needs cleaning, it’s good to know why it pays to turn to the experts.

Safety First!

Washing your home’s exterior is a dangerous activity, and if you aren’t an expert, you can put yourself and your family in harm’s way. Think about it — climbing up to your roof is extremely risky with the different textures, curves, and edges you’d have to navigate, and operating machinery you’re unfamiliar with can make it very dangerous. 

Washing your driveway or backyard may seem safer, but you run the risk of slips and falls from family members and even neighbors. A damaged nozzle might be an issue that poses a safety threat without you even knowing. Using the wrong nozzle may also cause a damage to your home that can be avoided if you turn to a professional.

Lack of Tools and Equipment

Odds are, you don’t have the proper equipment laying around ready to use. You’ll probably have to head to your local hardware store, which will likely run you a good chunk of change. In addition, rented tools might not be in the best condition with how often they’re used, whereas professional equipment is much better cared for.

It’s also possible you might not choose the right tools for the job either. You might purchase a power or pressure washer for a part of your home that only requires soft washing. Using a power washer on a concrete surface can weaken and degrade the surface; using a soft washer on a tougher, more durable surface might not maximize the effectiveness of your wash.

Either way, you’re likely to spend a ton more time on the job than you anticipated, which will only cost you where it matters most — time and money.

Lack of Expertise

Unless you are a pro, you probably haven’t operated machinery enough to risk jumping at the project immediately. It’s good to know a few techniques you can use to assist in your journey, but research can only do so much. You may not know how to reach specific areas of your roof, and you may not know the right pressure to apply to your patio furniture. Undertaking your first DIY power washing job is a very risky proposition.

Peace of Mind

Your roof is essential to the safety of your home, and what more do you need to ease your mind than knowing a professional company has got your back. Hiring a professional power washing company provides you with a portfolio of work, testimonials from previous clients, and insurance that your contractor can identify in case of emergencies. If you are hurt or damage a piece of your home during the project, you will have to pay out of pocket. Working with a professional ensures you have the peace of mind that your home will be well cared for.

A Clean Roof Is Just One Call Away

We know how fun cleaning projects can be, but reaching out to a professional power washing company has a ton of benefits most homeowners shouldn’t want to ignore. A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning has all the tools to do the job that’s best for your home. Let us handle the cleaning and you handle the comfort!

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