Fear and Hope are Both Four Letter Words

I’ve been in business for 40 years, 31 of them in the power washing business and during that time I’ve seen a lot of different economies and threats in our country.

There was a time back in the 60’s and 70’s, when as school-age kids, we would practice hiding under the desks in the event the Russian’s were to send us a nuclear bomb. If that wasn’t fear-driven and a ridiculous response, I don’t know what is. LOL

False Evidence Appearing Real or FEAR is a powerful emotion and can really turn a bad situation worse very quickly. I’ve seen it many times in the 90’s recession, Y2K, 2008 recession and housing market crash, September 11th and now a virus.

In all of these events FEAR gripped some people and they became paralyzed by it. They made bad decisions, spread rumors, let the media and others determine how they felt or how they acted. Other people looked to HOPE and took a positive attitude and embraced the thought of a brighter better future. They became the cure and champions of HOPE.

I’ve always taken a positive attitude and a positive attitude is actually one of our core values here at A+ Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning.

We all know this is going to blow over and right now business is great for us because of our positive attitudes and the fact we sanitize pretty much everything we clean making our service in demand.

We are not hiding under our desks or hoarding toilet paper. We are going about our business with positive attitudes and a little extra caution to make sure our clients and our team are safe.

There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens to buffalo and cows when a storm comes rolling over the Rocky Mountains and sweeps down on to the eastern Colorado plains releasing a fury of lightning and hail.

Buffalo will wait until the storm just crests the mountain and then turn and charge the storm. They literally run right through the storm.

Cows turn and run from the storm, which eventually catches up with them. They then run with the storm and get pummeled by the hail, rain, and lightning. The cows take a beating while the buffalo lessen the impact by facing the threat head-on.

I’ve always been a buffalo and a positive thinker thanks to lessons my father taught me.

Please join our A+ team and think positively, attack head-on and have HOPE for a brighter better future.

Brian Hegarty, Chairman

A+ Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning