How Much Does It Cost to Clean Vinyl Siding?

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Vinyl Siding?A dirty home covered in green algae and black mildew is not only unsightly but it can also affect the selling price of your home. Add to that possible allergy issues related to the mildew and mold and it’s easy to see why cleaning your vinyl siding should be on every homeowners regular home maintenance schedule.

There are a few factors that affect the price of cleaning vinyl siding:

1) Total square footage of the home
2) Condition of the siding or surface to be cleaned
3) Size of porch and/or garage
4) Difficulty of setup/location/related factors
5) The height of the home

There is a wide range in the cost for vinyl siding cleaning by contractors due to their experience level, type of equipment and the efficiency of their cleaning methods.

Think of it like this. I you hired a professional landscaping company with ride on mowers that cut 50 or more inches at a time to cut a 1 acre lot verses a kid with a 20 inch mower to cut the same lot the outcome would be very different and so would the price.

House washing pricing also has several levels of service just like a car wash does. You can get a  a full service wash that includes removing the black streaks off the gutter exteriors and the front walk cleaned to really make your home look awesome or an in between wash that includes less service  or a basic no frills wash just to get off green mold.

If your home has a covered porch the siding, ceiling, floor and rails need to be measured and included in your custom price.

Here is a list of items that can be added to create a customized level of service:
– Roofs
– Sidewalks
– Decks
– Brick or stone walls
-Detached garage
– Sheds
– Pool patios
– Balconies
– Window exteriors
– Awnings

There are so many variables it’s difficult to give exact pricing  but a good range for a 2000 sqft 2 story home would be 320- 500 without any covered porches.

Most professional contractors have a minimum price they will do any job for usually around 250-300. The reason for this is it takes a lot of resources to get the technicians to your home and those expenses dictate a minimum charge.

If the house washing is done by an experienced professional with the right equipment and solutions it should last about 3 years. Depending on the service level you choose this breaks down to about 30 to 50 cents per day to have a sparkling clean home you can be proud of.

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