How to Get Your Property Looking Great Before Selling It

How to Get Your Property Looking Great Before Selling ItThe saying goes “the three most important things in Real Estate are location, location, location but I’d like to add one more curb appeal.

Curb appeal is how your home looks from the curb. In other words, if I am a buyer and I’m driving by your house or using street view in Google Earth how appealing is your home to me?

Pretend you are a buyer and take a look around your home and answer the following questions.

Is your roof covered in ugly black streaks and green moss? Not only does this look ugly but a home inspector will pick this off and say you need a new roof. Your roof can be cleaned at a fraction of the cost of a new roof and look amazing before the inspector gets there.

Is your siding covered in green mold? This is another unsightly and easily cured problem that could be a deal-breaker for a potential buyer. If anyone in their family has a mold allergy they might just pass on your house and look for a clean one.  Our hot water low-pressure cleaning methods are safe for your siding and landscaping and well worth the investment.

Do your gutters have black streaks on them? Nothing looks better on a house than really clean bright white gutters. They just highlight everything and say ‘the owner of this house takes great care of it” We include gutter whitening on every Full-Service house wash. It really makes a difference!

Is your deck looking dingy? Do you see green mold, dirt or black streaks on the handrails? So will potential buyers. They are trying to imagine their young children playing on the deck in their bare feet and thinking of how dirty it is. Cleaning your deck is simple and inexpensive with our hot water machines and safe solutions. We can make it sparkle for you and make your buyers fall in love with your home.

Are your concrete/paver walks, patios and driveways black or green? We call this “flatwork” and it’s one of the first things a buyer will notice if you’ve cleaned your siding and roof. It is sort of like having a new suit or dress and wearing old shoes. They just stick out. Cleaning your flatwork is really affordable and makes a tremendous difference in the overall look and feel of your property. Think Disney World, did you ever notice how clean their flatwork is? They clean it every night to make their facility look perfect and make their guests feel special. Do the same for your home and it will sell!

Is your shed green?  Yes, you know the shed I’m talking about it’s in the back yard under the tree. It the one full of old bikes and other stuff you can’t remember where it came from. That shed can make or break a deal. Buyers are thinking storage, storage, storage “where can I put all my stuff so it’s out of the weather”? “Oh right over there in that nice clean shed”. Sheds a very inexpensive to clean ($50 on average) and cleaning it can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your back yard.

I’m here to help and make your life easier.

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