Howell, NJ Synthetic Stucco Cleaning

If your home has synthetic stucco, you were probably told at one point that it’s “maintenance-free.” However, like all exterior surfaces, it still gets dirty and requires regular cleaning to keep it looking nice and clean.

Because of the unique construction of synthetic stucco, it is essential that the proper methods be used to clean the material to ensure moisture does not penetrate behind the material and damage the interior walls. At A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning, we use manufacturer recommended low pressure cleaning methods so you can get a clean exterior without worrying about damaging your home.

  • If you have a synthetic stucco (EIFS/Dryvit) home, you know how dirty they can get.
  • Low-pressure hot-water detergent washing using our A+ Smart Wash™ technique is approved by Synergy, the maker of the product, and is the safest and most effective method for removing the dirt and mold from a stucco exterior.
  • Not only does this mean your home looks like new again – it also protects your stucco exterior from deterioration due to mold and mildew.

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We safely clean tens of thousands of square feet of this type of siding yearly, without damaging the stucco.

Synthetic stucco must be cleaned in order to keep it from deteriorating. Mold and mildew keep the Dryvit wet and cause the material to blister and eventually rot. Low-pressure hot water detergent washing is recommended by most manufactures and installers. High-pressure washing can drive water into the wall and damage the stucco as well as the interior walls. We safely and efficiently clean tens of thousands of square feet of this type of siding yearly using hot water low pressure detergent washing.

Synthetic Stucco Cleaning in Howell, NJ

Stucco cleaning keeps the exterior of your home looking great, adding to the curb appeal and value of your property and ensuring your stucco lasts. It is an important consideration for maintaining your stucco, but you might have heard that stucco power washing services are not ideal for synthetic stucco or exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS).

A+ Power Washing is here to explain how synthetic stucco cleaning is entirely possible, and warranted, using the right type of soft washing system.

The Importance of Howell, NJ Stucco Washing Services

Stucco is a highly textured exterior material, which means it is a bit more challenging to clean than some other smooth surfaces. Because of the texture, stucco attracts dirt, grime, dust, and other contaminants, which stick in the grooves and nooks. Our stucco washing services remove all of the contaminants with water and a mild cleaning solution, ensuring that every part of the surface is sparkling clean and free of contamination.

Synthetic stucco cleaning tackles contamination and dirt, in a different way. EIFS also attracts dirt, mold, and other contaminants, but it is not as hard a surface as stucco. The topcoat of synthetic stucco is usually made from a resin like acrylic, and this can react negatively to any moisture by softening up a bit, allowing contamination to enter the surface partially. It is extremely important to clean any mold or mildew off of the walls to avoid this kind of damaging moisture, which can also lead to blistering and eventually rot.

With synthetic stucco, regular maintenance and cleaning are vital to increasing its lifespan and keeping it looking beautiful. That being said, synthetic stucco cleaning should be done carefully with the properties of the material in mind. Traditional pressure washing drives water into the surface, damaging both the exterior of the home and potentially even the interior walls.

How Our Synthetic Stucco Washing Services Work

For synthetic stucco washing services in Howell NJ, it is vital to work with a professional who understands the differences between EIFS and traditional stucco. High-pressure washing is not right for synthetic stucco, as it is too harsh and can ultimately break down the exterior surface after a few cleanings. What we do is often known as a “soft wash” and is a type of stucco cleaning perfectly suited for the more sensitive surface of EIFS.

We use a carefully mixed cleaning solution, hot water, and perhaps most importantly, a soft wash to clean your synthetic stucco home, with our A+ SmartWash™ technique. The maker of the EIFS/Dryvit product, Synergy, has approved our synthetic stucco cleaning approach, ensuring that it is a safe and effective choice.

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