Three Things You Should Know About Roof Cleaning

roof cleaning middletown, professional roof cleaning middletownRoof cleaning is a really important, but often overlooked aspect of home maintenance. Because it is difficult to access, many people neglect to maintain their roof even if there are needed repairs. Even fewer people make the effort to proactively keep their roof clean. Consistent roof cleaning, however, can significantly increase the lifespan of your roof and save you lots of money in the long run. Below are three things that our professional roof cleaners at A+ Power Washing in the Middletown area recommend that you know about roof cleaning.

DIY Roof Cleaning Is No Easy Task
There are many more difficulties of DIY roof cleaning beyond the immediate danger of being on the roof. The first of these is that you would need to purchase your own products. This will cost you a fair amount of money and you would still have to hope that you are buying the best quality stuff for the money. Furthermore, cleaning your roof is not a quick process. You can play on devoting an entire afternoon to it if you choose to go the DIY route. In essence, DIY roof cleaning is something you can do, but you should be well aware of the risks and investments in time and money.
Roof Algae Can Cause Real Damage
Algae on your roof are certainly unappealing. However, there are even more downsides to it than that. Roof algae is a living organism that feeds off of your shingles. If it is not taken care of in a timely fashion roof algae will consume years off of the life of your roof. Other effects of a weakened roof caused by algae include higher AC bills as your shingles will be less capable of blocking UV rays along with thousands of dollars in avoidable roof repair or replacement costs.
Even If It Doesn’t Appear Dirty, It Still Likely Needs To Be Cleaned
In its earliest stages of development, algae are completely invisible. So even if your roof appears to be okay, there’s a chance that the best time to have it cleaned is now. This is one of the reasons that professional roofers recommend you have a roof inspection around once every three years–the earlier you’re able to catch the problem, the better it is for your roofing. Because algae are difficult to detect at first, a common mistake many homeowners make is only spot-cleaning their roof. Thus, it is always a good idea to have your roof completely cleaned and not spot cleaned.

All in all, roof cleaning is a difficult and often overlooked aspect of home maintenance. Don’t allow yourself to make the same mistake and underestimate the dangers of roof algae as many other homeowners do. The best way for you to do this is to get in contact with a professional roof cleaning company so they can be there for you to keep your roof consistently clean. In the Middletown area, we at A+ Power Washing are one such company here for you available for all your roof cleaning needs.

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