Shrewsbury, NJ Composite and Wood Deck Cleaning

A+ Smart Wash™ Technology

Composite and wood decks are beautiful, durable, and long-lasting, but they require regular maintenance and special care to keep them looking great. Decks are exposed to all the harsh elements and can become stained from leaves, food, grease, rust, dirt and grime. At A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning our exclusive A+ Smart Wash™ system will leave your deck looking fantastic!

  • We don’t need to use harsh chemicals to make your deck look beautiful again.
  • Our custom made detergents and hot water machines do the trick in an eco-friendly, soft, safe, and VERY effective way.
  • The stunning wood deck on the right is the result of hot water power washing only! The composite deck on the right was cleaned with hot water and detergent only! No pressure!

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Safely Restore Your Deck’s Beauty

Regular deck maintenance will help extend the life of your deck and will keep it from becoming an eyesore that can make your entire home look unkempt. But we know that cleaning and maintaining your deck yourself can be time consuming and labor intensive, and often the results just aren’t worth the effort.

At A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning, we have developed our A+ Smart Wash™ system to provide our customers with fast and effective results at an affordable price. Our equipment is fully adjustable and our technicians have extensive training to know how much pressure to use to safely clean your deck. Our customers are amazed at the results and only wish they would have called us sooner!

Deck Cleaning in Shrewsbury, NJ

When planning to give your home a makeover, it is easy just to focus on the inside of the property. New paint on the walls and a change of décor can give your rooms a new lease of life, but what about the outside?

Dirty and grimy exteriors can leave a property looking tired and old, and leaving it that way comes with plenty of hidden dangers. Mold and mildew can cause rot, and eventually, let moisture through to your freshly painted interior walls. Built-up dirt can cause exterior surfaces to become stained or even crack.

A+ Power Washing has been in business since 1990 and we have an outstanding record on Google reviews. This is down to our carefully developed cleaning methods that are specific to each type of exterior finish.

We have dealt with many customers whose property has been devastated by the harsh cleaning methods used by other contractors. We know how to undo a bad cleaning job, but to save yourself the stress, choosing A+ Power Washing will ensure the job is done right the first time.

Get Your Deck Back in Shape Fast

Decking is a heavily used surface and, therefore, is susceptible to more damage than other surfaces. It can succumb to grease and food stains, rot, and also mold and mildew.

Our deck pressure washing services are perfect for our Shrewsbury, NJ customers. We have developed a trademarked A+ Smart Wash technology that uses a soft wash deck cleaning method, in tandem with a special blend of eco-friendly detergents.

Many deck cleaning businesses tend to use high power washing deck techniques that are inappropriate for the surfaces for homes in Shrewsbury, NJ. Our A+ Smart Wash™deck cleaning service is safe and gentle on the surface. Our deck cleaning technicians are fully trained to deploy the technique effectively.

A+ Power Cleaning gives A+ Service

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business. It is our priority to listen to their needs, and make sure they are left with a beautiful looking home. Our customer service is centered around providing quality, acting with integrity, and being 100% dependable. We would not have it any other way.

The services we offer our clients reflect the quality of our service. A+ Power Washing is pleased to offer the following in addition to our deck cleaning services:

  • Roof Cleaning– We employ our trademarked Pressure Free Roof Washing technique to clean the surface of your roof. It is so effective that it comes with a three-year guarantee.
  • Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Cleaning– These surfaces need care and attention. Using biodegradable detergents and a soft, hot wash method, we can eradicate mold and mildew.
  • Concrete and Masonry– Hard surfaces such as these benefit greatly from soft washing methods.
  • Paver Cleaning– Your driveways, sidewalks, and other paved areas will look like new after a soft hot wash.
  • Synthetic Stucco– High-pressure washing is inappropriate for synthetic stucco as it can cause moisture to leak through into the interior. We use special detergents and a gentle hot wash to clean it thoroughly.

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