Tennent, NJ Composite and Wood Deck Cleaning

A+ Smart Wash™ Technology

Composite and wood decks are beautiful, durable, and long-lasting, but they require regular maintenance and special care to keep them looking great. Decks are exposed to all the harsh elements and can become stained from leaves, food, grease, rust, dirt and grime. At A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning our exclusive A+ Smart Wash™ system will leave your deck looking fantastic!

  • We don’t need to use harsh chemicals to make your deck look beautiful again.
  • Our custom made detergents and hot water machines do the trick in an eco-friendly, soft, safe, and VERY effective way.
  • The stunning wood deck on the right is the result of hot water power washing only! The composite deck on the right was cleaned with hot water and detergent only! No pressure!

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Safely Restore Your Deck’s Beauty

Regular deck maintenance will help extend the life of your deck and will keep it from becoming an eyesore that can make your entire home look unkempt. But we know that cleaning and maintaining your deck yourself can be time consuming and labor intensive, and often the results just aren’t worth the effort.

At A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning, we have developed our A+ Smart Wash™ system to provide our customers with fast and effective results at an affordable price. Our equipment is fully adjustable and our technicians have extensive training to know how much pressure to use to safely clean your deck. Our customers are amazed at the results and only wish they would have called us sooner!

Deck Cleaning in Tennent, NJ

Composite and wood decks get dirty easily. They are exposed to all of the outdoor elements of New Jersey, as well as foot traffic from regular use. Dirt, oil, grime, leaves, rust, and even food and grease end up stuck on the surface, ultimately staining the material.

Exposure to sunlight and moisture can impact the finish of the composite or wood, which leads many homeowners to want to start over with a stripped deck ready to refinish. In both of these situations, a professional deck cleaning service is a great solution.

When you invest in a deck cleaning service for your Tennent NJ home, you are also investing in longevity and beauty. A soft washing deck cleaning ensures that your deck’s lifespan is maintained and even increased. It keeps it looking great as part of your landscape and as an entertainment area.

Make the most of this property feature by maintaining and cleaning it with a professional company like A+ Power Washing.

Tennent, NJ Deck Washing Services

Soft washing composite and wood decks is an excellent way to get them clean, especially if you are looking at refinishing the stain or paint. However, pressure washing a deck is mostly efficient because of the machine that is used. If it is not handled correctly, it can actually cause more damage. Thus, it is very important to understand what goes into successfully soft washing a deck, and the benefits of hiring a Tennent, NJ deck washing company to make sure the job is done right.

A+ Power Washing operates adjustable soft wash deck cleaning equipment daily, so every feature, from temperature to water pressure, is carefully calibrated to the specifics of your home. Our team of deck cleaners are trained and experienced, knowing exactly how to tackle even the toughest deck stain without causing damage to the material or surrounding landscape.

There is more to effective deck cleaning without damaging the material than getting a pressure washer and turning it on. It is a tempting DIY job, but when you work with the pros, you are ensuring that your deck is cleaned without splintering or etching, and that any warranty you have in place remains valid. Poorly handled deck power washing services can damage your deck to the point that it costs a lot to repair. The damage caused can even be to the point that it is irreparable, leaving you with the cost of replacement, or no deck at all.

From the right tip, to the right pressure, to the space between the water flow and the surface, we know what steps to take. We have all of this information before we start cleaning your deck, so we have the right equipment and techniques at the ready when we come to your home.

Arranging Tennent, NJ Deck Washing Services at A+ Power Washing

Leave your deck cleaning in the hands of the professionals. A+ Power Washing offers a customized approach to deck cleaning services, based on your needs. Every job starts with a consultation, during which we listen to what you are looking for from deck cleaning and the specifics of your home. We create a no-obligation estimate and follow that up with an offering of a variety of cleaning levels, from basic to full service. Once we know exactly what you are looking for, we create a complete quote for your approval.

When the quote is approved, we work with you to choose a date that works well with your schedule, which is when our technicians will come to your home and complete the deck low-pressure washing job. You will be back to fully enjoying your deck in no time.

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With our no risk “if you’re not happy don’t pay me” guarantee and our friendly, extremely competent certified technicians coming to your home to professionally complete your cleaning you’ll be thrilled. We guarantee it!

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