The Biggest Lie About Home Power Washing Services

The Biggest Lie About Home Power Washing ServicesYour home has green mold on the siding or ugly black streaks on the roof. It’s getting so bad the neighbors are beginning to notice and you’re looking for a reputable company to clean it for you.

You google “power washing/ roof cleaning in (insert your town) ” and a list of companies you never heard of pops up. You do a little research and contact a few for estimates figuring “they’re all the same”.

We’ve cleaned the exterior of over 84,000 client’s homes in 28 years and without a doubt, the biggest misconception is that no matter who does the job “it’s all the same”.

It’s kind of like saying “no matter who reconstructs my face it’s all the same”  Anybody can be whoever they want to be on the internet. They can make claims about how long they been in business, have fake reviews, use stock before and after photos and variety of other tricks to make you believe they can do the job to your satisfaction. I’ve seen all of these tricks and more from unscrupulous people trying to make a fast buck.

In most cases, your home is your biggest investment and hiring just anyone or even worse the cheapest company with the misconception of “it’s all the same” can be a really big mistake.

Don’t get me wrong there are some very reputable companies out there that do great work you just have to find them.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting stuck with a big mess and no recourse.

  1. Always get a Certificate Of Insurance (COI) with you on it as the loss payee and make sure it is emailed to you directly from the insurance agent. They are way too easy to fake with a scanner and MS Office. Some companies “fake ” them and don’t even have insurance!
  2. Ask for at least three references and call them. Would you hire a babysitter for your children off the internet and not check references?  Online, reviews can be faked so be diligent.
  3. Meet with the contractor in person before hiring them. I’ve seen multiple websites with “fake owner” photos. It’s actually the same stock photo of a guy with a clipboard.
  4. Ask for their address and look it up on Google Earth. One company actually had an empty lot as their business address. If something went wrong you can’t contact them.
  5. Check with the county Consumer Affairs to make sure they have a contractor’s license and read any complaints. Don’t use the BBB, you can buy a better rating from them by becoming “accredited” so their opinion is tainted. The terrorist group HAMAS actually had an A+ BBB rating!
  6. Make sure they answer the phone live during business hours. This says a lot about a company.
  7. Find out who’s doing the work and what is their training?

I hope these 7 tips help you to make an informed decision and have a hassle-free experience having your property professionally power washed!

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