The Secrets to Cleaning a Flat Roof and Keeping it Clean for Good

Secrets to Cleaning a Flat RoofIs your flat roof always cluttered with debris, leaves, and stains?

Some people might think that cleaning a flat roof is difficult, and often done in vain, as it can get cluttered and dirty in what it seems like a short period of time.

In reality, it’s easy to clean and maintain your flat roof. Here are the secrets behind how to clean a flat roof, and keeping it clean for good.

Inspecting Your Flat Roof

First, you should inspect your flat roof.

Look for problems like leaks, missing shingles, metal flashing, cracks, or damage to the vents. A leaky roof can cause black mold to grow and eventually compromise the structural integrity of your house.

While inspecting your roof, notice the debris and leaves that might have accumulated on the roof itself, as well as in the gutters, in the vents, and around the chimney.

Removing Debris

Start by removing any standing water that might have accumulated on your flat roof. This is your number one priority, as standing water can seep through and cause damage. Brush away the standing water along with any leaves and large debris that might be holding it there.

If there are trees extending over your roof, you should expect leaves and branches. Make sure you remove these regularly to keep your drains and gutters clean.

If your gutters are clogged, you are in direct risk of waterlogging damage. First, remove any debris you can grab manually. Then, use either a power washer or a vacuum to remove all debris from your gutters and drains.

After your gutters look clean, you should check to see if there is any debris stuck in the down downspouts. It’s easy to do so if you run some water down each downspout. In case of a blockage, you should use a plumber’s snake, or get the help of an expert.

Cleaning Your Flat Roof

With standing water gone and your gutters free from debris, it’s time to clean your roof.

You can either do so with a pressure washer, or by applying any suitable detergent. Pressure washers can remove any accumulated algae and wipe away all stains without the use of solutions.

When cleaning with detergents, you can either do so with a specialized roof cleaning solution or any chlorine-based product. Chlorine bleach is cheaper, but if you have plants around your house, the chlorine in the water might harm them.

Enlisting Expert Help to Clean Your Flat Roof

Sometimes a roof is too cluttered and the drains too clogged for regular maintenance. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry.

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