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If your roof has ugly black roof stains like this one don’t worry, the professionals at A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning can safely and quickly remove them. A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning is Monmouth and Ocean Counties exclusive Shingle Shield™ applicator and has been providing quality hot water power washing and Pressure Free Roof Cleaning™ to residents of Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey since 1990.

  • We Pressure Free Roof Clean™ fiberglass and asphalt roof shingles to remove ugly stains caused by algae, moss and lichens
  • These stains not only detract from the appearance of your home, but can significantly damage your roof.
  • Our system utilizes methods and detergents approved by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Associates. This soft wash roof cleaning method thoroughly cleans shingles without causing granule loss!

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Our proprietary Pressure Free Roof Cleaning™ technology safely and quickly cleans algae from your roof with same day results!

We’re so confident in the quality of our service we give you a THREE-YEAR WRITTEN GUARANTEE!

A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning offers professional roof cleaning in the Central Jersey area.

The application is virtually pressure free. Moss, black algae and lichens instantly begin to disappear and lift from the shingles without any damage to the shingle.

A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning offers professional roof cleaning in the Central Jersey area.

There is no chance of property damage or damage to your landscaping. We recycle all our detergents by catching the runoff in bags , straining it and reusing it as part of our environmental responsibility program.

A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning offers professional roof cleaning in the Central Jersey area.

The roof is completely free of black algae when we finish. Moss and lichens will turn white and can take up to 90 days to completely disintegrate.

A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning offers professional roof cleaning in the Central Jersey area.

We offer a 3 year conditional warranty on all roof cleaning!

Warning: Never let anyone use this on your roof!

Machines like this one are used for cleaning concrete and use a rotating spray bar underneath with power washing nozzles. This machine is actually high-pressure power washing the shingles and taking off granules in the process – which is not good for your roof.  The rotating bar can also damage the shingles.


Roof Cleaning in West Long Branch, NJ

The crown of your house should be attractive. Take a look at your roof, if you see dark stains, moss, lichen, or other unwanted marks, it is time to think about residential roof cleaning.

Pressure Free roof cleaning is vital not just for looks, but for function, too. The staining caused by algae, moss, lichens, and other contaminants is not only ugly, it is also damaging. Each stain is caused by microorganisms, and those microorganisms have to eat something to stay alive. That is the substrate of your shingles. The longer stains sit on your roof, the more likely you are to reduce its lifespan. Roof moss can also grow under roofing material and lift shingles, attracting birds who peck at it for nesting materials and leave holes in the roof.

Roof staining is also a health problem. Again, those stains are caused by microorganisms, which can create airborne allergens and bacteria that impact your family and even your pets. Pressure free roof cleaning is the solution to all of these problems: aesthetics, structural integrity, and health.

Of course, roof cleaning is not something that should be done by anyone. It is a careful process that requires the right temperature, water pressure, angle, and other considerations to avoid damaging shingles. The pressure free technique by A+ Power Washing uses methods and detergents that have been approved by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association, ensuring that our soft wash roof cleaning leaves your roof looking great without any granule loss. While you are looking for West Long Branch, NJ pressure free roof washing surfaces, be sure that you are actually partnering with a roof washing company offering soft wash roof cleaning.

West Long Branch, NJ Roof Washing Services: What is Soft Wash Roof Cleaning?

The pressure free roof cleaning process involves using a diluted cleaning solution to kill the microorganisms on the roof. We believe in ours so much that we offer a three-year warranty against any regrowth. From there, we rinse with water to remove any traces of contamination and cleaner, capturing the runoff to keep the rest of your property dry. All of this is done pressure-free by carefully trained staff who know exactly how to tackle your roof, without causing any damage.

When the full service Pressure Free roof cleaning is complete, you should see that all of the black algae on your roof has been removed, making for an immediately more attractive property. With our economy roof wash, the lichens and moss will turn white from the cleaning solution and eventually die off within the coming weeks, washed off by precipitation as they die.

While we are managing your roof cleaning, we can also add in a gutter cleaning service. Our technicians are trained in how to work at heights safely, so it makes sense to pair gutter cleaning with your roof cleaning services as you already have the team up at that level. Talk to us about your needs with a free consultation, after which we will provide you a no-obligation estimate. You can customize your appointment to add on services like gutter cleaning, then sit back and wait for our team to arrive to make your home look new again, knowing you have a no-regrowth guarantee.

West Long Branch Pressure Free Roof Cleaning Services at A+ Power Washing

We are looking forward to working with you to provide the pressure free roof cleaning and gutter cleaning that meets your needs. Schedule a free estimate or give us a call at 732-775-1242. A+ Power Washing is a roof cleaning company that takes pride in our work, and you will see it reflected in the look of your roof when we are done.

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