When is the best time of year to clean my siding?

When is the best time to clean vinyl

Dirty siding can affect the value of your home and moldy siding may cause the occupants to have allergy issues.

Determining when the best time of year to clean the siding of your home is relatively easy. If you’re considering cleaning your siding it’s most likely dirty and now would be the right time.

The majority of siding cleaning takes place in the spring although any time of year the temperature is above freezing is fine to clean your siding.

The main thing to consider is how you’re going to clean it verses when.  A professional hot water detergent wash will last about 3 years where a do it yourself (DIY) cold water pressure wash will only last about 6 months.

The difference is the hot water and detergents completely kill and remove all algae and mold from the siding. Once this is accomplished it takes about 3 years for mold to establish itself again.

With a cold water pressure wash, the mold and algae are not killed nor completely removed even though the siding may look clean after the pressure wash. Pressurized water does not kill mold or algae so the remaining spores grow back really quickly, in most cases less than 6 months after the pressure washing.

If you’re using hot water with detergent the time of year the cleaning takes place is less of an issue as the jobs going to last 3 years anyway. With the cold water pressure wash, you’d most likely have to clean your siding twice per year once in the early spring and then in the late fall to keep your home looking fresh.

In the long run, it is also less expensive to have your home professionally cleaned with hot water and detergent rather than cold water pressure washing.  The outcome of the job is also better with hot water detergent washing and there is no chance of damage from high-pressure blasting.

Coldwater high-pressure washing of a 2000 square foot two-story home averages $189-$299 and lasts about 6 months.

Hot water detergent washing of the same home averages $319-$499 and lasts about 3 years depending on the level of service you choose these average costs could include gutter whitening as well as siding cleaning.

There’s no right time to clean your siding just like there’s no right time to clean your car. If your siding is moldy or dirty the best time to clean It is now.

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