When to Utilize the Soft Wash Method

When to Utilize the Soft Wash Method

Did you know that there are over 135,000 licensed pressure washing businesses in the USA? Pressure washing is a recognized method to remove dirt from houses and driveways.

However, you may not be aware that there are some stains that hard pressure washing will not remove. These can include some substances such as mold and mildew on roofs.

It is important to regularly clean these surfaces. It can add longevity to the surface for example to the paint on the exterior of a house.
Did you know that only a professional soft wash can do this for you? What is soft washing and how is it performed?

Why not take a moment and read through our in-depth article to find out?

What is “Soft Washing”?

In short, the difference between hard and soft washing is the solution that is applied to the surface. In many cases, this is simply water when you are power washing. However, soft washing is different.

Soft washing applies solutions to the surface to remove more difficult substances, such as mildew as mentioned earlier. This means it does not damage soft surfaces such as wood.

Soft washing is not performed with a power washing machine. Rather it relies on a battery-powered pump that is highly portable.

What Solutions are Used?

Soft washing relies on the solution, not power, to remove substances. In most cases, a professional company will use a mix of sodium hypochlorite and usually a detergent.

These solutions are chosen because they are effective against most substances found on rooftops, yet safe for use on house circumstances. These solutions are government regulated and should be used in compliance with government law.

How is it Applied?

The solution is sprayed onto the surface being cleaned. It is then left for 15 minutes to work on the surface. After this, it is rinsed using water applied at low pressure.

At all times the person applying the solution should wear appropriate safety clothing and be aware of their surroundings. After the work has been accomplished, they should ensure that any solutions applied have been thoroughly rinsed off.

This prevents the surfaces from being permanently marked by the solution that has been applied. This solution will leave the roof looking clean and even newer than before.

The chemicals should be disposed of by means of approved drains and not be allowed to enter any local water source such as a river.

Hard Wash, Soft Wash and Much More

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