How Long Will a Roof Cleaning Last?

How long will a roof cleaning last?

Roof cleaning is one of the most important services that we provided and it is our most highly recommended.  Its structural integrity is of the utmost importance to protecting your home from the outdoor elements. When lichens, moss, and algae start to invade your roof they threaten this integrity and overtime can cause severe damage to a roof.  Moss can lift your shingles up off the roof, while algae and lichens can eat through the composition of the shingles. These types of growths can take years off the lifespan of your roof or worst of all lead to water seeping into the plywood and eventually rotting it out. This is why getting your roof cleaned is so important.  Roof cleaning is a normal part of home maintenance that should be completed every three to five years.  Not only will it look brand new when the service is complete but it can help improve the longevity of the roof.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

Before we begin working on any home owner’s roof our certified technicians must install a harnessing system to ensure that they secured and safely working.  A visual inspection of the roof will be conducted to check for soft spots in the plywood, ripped vent boots and missing or lifted shingles which may need to be addressed by a roofing contractor.  After the roof is inspected we begin the cleaning using a diluted bleach solution that is approved by the asphalt shingle manufactures association.  This solution is safe for all aspects around your home such as plants, pets, windows, siding, doors, and decks.  All downspouts from the roof are wrapped with a contractor trash bag to collect all the solution that is coming off the roof.  We then dispose of the run off properly or re use it if possible.  When cleaning a roof we always have two technicians on site.  One technician cleaning the roof and the other on the ground making sure all surrounding areas are kept wet and watching for overspray.  Our process guarantees a 100% kill ratio on all moss, algae, and lichens growing on the roof.

Levels of Roof Cleaning Services

We offer two levels of services when it comes to roof cleaning an economy service and a full service cleaning; both of which come with a prorated warranty. Please see our checklist for the difference in our two services .  On our economy cleaning there is a prorated three year warranty, the first year is fully guaranteed of no growth return.  A full service cleaning has a three year unconditional warranty; the last two years are prorated.  Getting your roof cleaned is not an annual service that needs to be done. Roof cleaning is a three to five year investment and with the average job ticket at $350-$1500 the cost could be as little as $1 per day.    

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