The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Synthetic Stucco Exterior Walls

The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Synthetic Stucco Exterior WallsThere are few exterior wall surfaces that are making as big of a comeback as synthetic stucco. From its aesthetic appeal to its simple upkeep, it is easy to see why people are beginning to flock back to this once dated style.

Synthetic stucco has had a lot of attributes attached to it, but one, in particular, is that it is maintenance-free. While it is true to an extent, anyone who has it on the exterior of their home can tell you that it isn’t 100% accurate.

Just like any other surface, synthetic stucco can get dirty and requires a regular cleaning schedule. The problem comes with how to make sure it is cleaned correctly. Let’s go over the pitfalls and correct procedures that come with cleaning synthetic stucco.

Why is Synthetic Stucco Prone to Damage?

One of the defining characteristics of synthetic stucco is the nooks and crannies that are present on its surface. While this is a cool look, it’s also a perfect trap for dirt, grime, and other harmful substances.

Furthermore, synthetic stucco is somewhat porous, which means that water and other liquids can become trapped inside the material. If it is allowed to stay there, it can grow mildew and mold, or even begin to rot the stucco itself. This can lead to a number of different problems that go far beyond just how you are going to get the surface cleaned.

Two Ways to Properly Wash Synthetic Stucco

The best way to make sure that your synthetic stucco is cleaned properly is the soft wash method. Using a more traditional high-pressure wash system can severely damage the exterior of stucco and does little to prevent seepage and rot.

Instead of relying on the pressure of the hose to remove the dirt and grime, utilize a safe solution that will do the job for you. This is how soft washing works. The water that you are using for cleaning only comes out at the same pressure as a standard garden hose, eliminating the danger of blasting away the surface of the stucco.

However, it is possible to use pressure to wash your stucco, but it needs to be done the right way. If you can use a low-pressure system, you can get the same effect as soft washing, with the same preventive measures of not damaging your stucco. It is a delicate process though and should really only be tried by someone that knows exactly what they are doing.

Instead of Worrying, Hire a Company That Knows What They’re Doing

While synthetic stucco can really make your home stand out from the rest of the homes on your block, it can stand out in the wrong way if it isn’t taken care of properly. Damaging the exterior of your synthetic stucco walls can be an unmitigated disaster, costing you a lot in both time and money.

Instead of having to deal with that nightmare, let a professional washing company handle the job for you. Contact us today and get a free estimate for your next stucco cleaning.