Why Soft Washing is the Best Roof Washing Option

Why Soft Washing is the Best Roof Washing Option

If you want to keep your home in great shape for years to come, keeping it clean is the first step. We routinely wash windows, vacuum floors, and even give the decks and siding a scrub once or twice a year.

Even so, one important cleaning step often goes unnoticed: roof washing.

Many of us think that roofs take care of themselves, but that isn’t always the case, especially in humid climates.

Find out why you should consider soft washing your roof as part of your home maintenance routine.

Why is Roof Washing so Important?

It isn’t just dirt that makes those black streaks on top of your house. Gloeocapsa Magma, a type of cyanobacteria, is known for growing prolifically on shingles. This is especially true in ocean-adjacent states like New Jersey that have high humidity levels year-round.

It’s vital to get rid of Gloeocapsa and other algae, bacteria, and fungi if you want to protect your roof from damage. As the growth builds up, it can start to break apart your shingles, leaving cracks for moisture and mold to enter your home. If you spot dark brown or black streaks running across your shingles, you’re overdue for a wash.

Roof cleaning costs are more than worth the damage they prevent. Better yet, the results will last you for 3-5 years before you need to clean it again.

Why Not Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is the go-to method for most of our outdoor cleaning. Siding, decks, and even concrete sidewalks can get a new lease on life after being cleaned with this method.

When it comes to roof washing, though, you might be better off leaving the algae alone than using a pressure washer.

Pressure washers use high-intensity spray to blast off dirt and mineral residue. On a roof, they’re likely to blast away shingles along with the grime. They can remove granules from your shingles, break them into chunks, and even lift entire shingles off.

Why You Should Choose Soft Washing

Soft washing takes the benefits of pressure washing, and tones them down a bit to keep things shingle-safe. This process starts with standard pressure washing equipment, but we turn the pressure down to a safe level and replace the sprayer nozzle with a wider tip.

You might not recognize your home after a pressure-free roof wash removes years of algae, moss and lichens away. The best part is that the gentle cleaning techniques remove bacterial and algal growths without adding to the destruction they cause.

If you’re concerned about damage to your surrounding property or landscaping after soft washing, don’t be. We trap the detergent runoff in bags and recycle it, keeping it off of your plants and belongings.

Is Your Roof in Need of a Good Cleaning?

When your roof starts to look dingy or those telltale algae streaks begin to appear, don’t wait any longer. Protect your home by calling in an experienced roof cleaning contractor.

If you live in Monmouth or Ocean County New Jersey, A+ Power Washing and Roof Cleaning can help. Our roof washing techniques remove dirt, algae, and lichens without damaging your shingles in the process. Contact us today for a free soft washing estimate.