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Hot Water, It Really Makes A Difference!


Understanding the Difference Between Hot Water and Cold Water Power Washing

I’m often asked if there is a difference between hot water and cold water power washing. Most people think it’s all the same.

The truth is that there is a huge difference in hot vs cold water. The difference is in the outcome and the amount of time it takes to clean the surface.

To clean anything, laundry, cars, dishes or house siding you need a combination of four thing:

  1. Chemical- the detergent used to remove grease, mold, dirt etc
  2. Heat- heating the water accelerates the cleaning process
  3. Agitation- scrubbing, pressure, or tumbling
  4. Time- the amount of time required to clean whatever it is you are cleaning.

These four things are referred to a CHAT and in the right amounts cleaning any surface can be done correctly, efficiently and with no damage to the surface.

If you leave one of these thing out you have to increase the other three to get the surface clean. So say you don’t have Chemical, you’d need to increase the heat, pressure and time in order to get the surface clean and stand a chance of causing damage to the surface.

If you use cold water and you don’t have Heat you have to increase the chemical, pressure and time to get things cleaned and can kill plants, damage surfaces and use more water due to the increase in time it will take to clean the surface.

A cold water wash just can’t get the surface as clean as a hot water wash and the disadvantage of using more chemicals and pressure make hot water the clear choice.

Hot water also accelerates the detergent, which allows for less detergent and no need to cover plants or buffer them prior to cleaning. It also helps cut grease and remove some stains that cold water just can’t remove.

Professional hot water power washers have the ability to adjust the pressure and the amount of detergent for added benefit. The ability to adjust the pressure from 3500 psi to 500 psi makes cleaning any surface possible.

Let’s say you wanted to clean a composite deck. Composite decks are made from virgin or recycled plastic and wood shavings so it is soft and marks and scratches easily. Using high pressure and cold water will cut into the surface and leave permanent streaks in it. Hot water and low pressure with the right detergent will completely kill and remove any mold or mildew with little effort and conserve water at the same time.

Hot water also makes it easier and less time consuming to clean the black streaks off of white gutters. The heated water and detergent make the streaks release from the gutter without removing paint. With cold water you need to use really strong caustic detergent to remove them and there’s a good chance the paint will be removed from the gutter with this method.

Hot water power washing  has numerous  advantages like less time, less detergent and less pressure over cold water so the clear choice for professionals is to use hot water.


As always we are here to help. If you have any questions you can reach me at or 732-775-1242

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6 Quick Tips on How to Avoid Making Costly Mistakes When Hiring a Power Washing Company


6 Costly Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

If you’re like most homeowners you’re probably thinking “how hard could it be”? I’ll just Google Power Wash (my town) and I’ll hire someone.

These days you probably have a better chance at winning the lottery with that method. It’s way too easy for anyone to put up a website using stock photos and claim to be in business for 8-10 years. It’s unfortunate, but you can be whoever you want to be on the internet.

Finding a reputable company with experienced technicians that fits your budget might seem daunting but if you follow these easy steps it should be painless and pretty quick.

  1. Ask friends and family for a referral first. This kind of goes without saying but getting a referral from someone that has already used a reputable company is your best bet. You have an unbiased opinion from someone you know.
  2. Use search engines with caution. Companies can buy search ranking. Just because they are in the number one position on a page doesn’t mean anything. Try to use the unpaid (organic) listings, which are under the paid listings. Companies are in this position due to longevity, reviews and activity.
  3. Read the reviews and how the company responds to the reviews. Sure some can be faked but how the owner handles a poor review or what clients say in good reviews is really important. If they got a poor review and didn’t respond odds are they won’t respond to you if there’s a problem at your home.
  4. Get estimates in person. How can a company give you an accurate estimate over the phone? This is not like buying socks on Amazon you’re hiring someone you don’t know to come to your home with employees you don’t know and clean you most expensive asset. Meet them and look at their equipment, uniforms and general appearance. Someone who shows up in a dirty truck with a dirty shirt and dirty hands is not going to do a clean job! Would you want to eat in a restaurant where the cook had food stains all over himself, the floor was filthy and he kept wiping his hands on his pants before touching your food?


  1. Check for insurance. This may seem like a no brainer but most small contractors can’t afford insurance and some even go so far as to fake the Certificate of Insurance (COI).  Imagine this. You buy auto insurance on a payment plan and get an insurance card. After month number two you stop paying and they cancel your insurance. You still have the card and there’s no way for the police or anyone else to know you canceled the policy. Same goes for contractors insurance. So here’s what you do. Request a COI from the contractor and make sure it is emailed to you from the insurance agent. DO NOT ACCEPT A COI FROM THE CONTRACTOR it is most likely a fake.  We get asked numerous times a day for COI’s and it takes less than a minute to contact our insurance company and have them send it to you. It is so easy we encourage our clients to ask us for one.



  1. When comparing estimates take value into consideration. What does value mean? Look at it this way. If you hire the cheapest company they usually can’t provide value like answering the phone live, meeting with you for the estimate, sending uniformed drug tested employees, showing up on time doing the job right the first time, constant communication from the first contact to the completed job so you don’t have to wonder when they are coming and having top notch equipment. In some cases the cheapest company can’t even provide the functional service right like cleaning your siding or patio right. Value is all the little things that add up to a wonderful, hassle free experience. Our mission is to provide you with the Best Service Anywhere™ our entire company culture revolves around this so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy!

I’m here to help so feel free to contact me a or 732-775-1242 if you have any questions.

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Power Wash Jackson NJ

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Power Wash Jackson NJ

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Power Wash Spring Lake NJ

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